Kerasos 2019, Valdibella (Sicily, Italy)

Kerasos 2019, Valdibella (Sicily, Italy)

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Grapes: Nero D’Avola 
Region: Sicily, Italy
Style: Red
ABV: 13.5%
Any added sulphites: Minimal
Filtered: No
Size: 75cl 

Living up to its name (meaning cherry in Greek), Kerasos is a ferocious cherry blast. The hyper cherry notes are complimented by aromas of blackberry, plum and a decadent chocolately finish.

The grapes come from vineyards in the Camporeale countryside between 250 and 350 meters above sea level. They are de-stemmed and must is added for natural fermentation. The must is prepared in the previous days with grapes from the same vineyard. Fermentation proceeds for about 10 days at a temperature of 24° C. After this the pomace is separated and pressed. After the malolactic fermentation, which also occurs spontaneously, the wine ages for the winter and the following spring in stainless steel before bottling.

Valdibella is a cooperative project, working with grapes from 10 growers in the Camporeale region of Sicily. They are all organic at the very least, though the Valdibella ethos pushes all their members towards a biodiverse and regenerative agriculture model, using no tillage in the vines where possible.