Santa Madonna Bianco 2019, Cantina Fermento (Umbria, Italy)

Santa Madonna Bianco 2019, Cantina Fermento (Umbria, Italy)

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Grapes: Procanico, Drupeggio, Trebbiano, Malvasia, Grechetto and Verdello
Style: Orange
ABV: 12.5%
Production: Natural 
Any added sulphites: Yes
Filtered: No

This bottle is a complex one, she’s on the dry side, but she’s a light- to medium- bodied wine, with a hint of acidity. At first sip, you’ll get notes of honeycomb, apple and peach, and to finish off hints of dry fruit.

Vinified with 6 days of maceration on skins, no filtration or clarification, then aged for 8 months in steel tanks.

Fermento is a brand new winery, founded in 2019 by husband and wife duo, Evita and Stefano Eboli. Their tiny 3 hectare plot of old, native vines grows between 350-500 meters on the steep hillsides composed of rich volcanic tufo and limestone in Umbria Italy. Orvieto is an ancient winemaking region, dating back to the Etruscans in the 9th century BCE. In the modern era of winemaking though, Orvieto became, like so many other historical wine regions in Italy, an exploited terroir dominated by co-op productions and industrial winemaking practices making wines to feed the masses of tourists visiting Rome and Orvieto. The village is amazing, perched high on a tower of limestone. So, in 2019 they began from scratch and sought to capture the power of pure fermentation, hence the name "Fermento".