Nucleo 1 2018, Dinamo (Umbria, Italy)

Nucleo 1 2018, Dinamo (Umbria, Italy)

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Grapes: Sangiovese, Gamay del Trasimeno
Region: Umbria, Italy
Style: Still, Red
ABV: 12%
Colour: Deep red
Any added sulphites: No
Filtered: No
Size: 1 litre

Medium/full-bodied, uplifting, gentle tannins, silky red fruits.

Located 500 metres above sea level in Umbria, near the village of Colle Castelluccio, Dinamo is the latest project from Italy’s ‘Yoda of natural wine’ Danilo Marcucci. In 2018, together with the Nofrini family, Danilo started Dinamo as anexperiment in sustainable viticulture, an attempt to recreate something of the natural, “more nutritional” wines of his childhood. “I first made wine with my grandfather 40 years ago,” says Danilo, “My snack was homemade bread dipped in wine. Back then it still had a high daily food value and was an important source of energy for everyone, especially those who had to face heavy days of farm work. I feel inspired to jump back to rediscover my origins thanks to the strength of all that I have built up now in natural wine”. This red is the first to be released and what a first-born it is... dark fruits, tannin, a spicy nose, a cabernet franc savouriness. A winter warmer of a red that is full of energy, whether you’re fresh from the farm, the office, the kitchen or just the sofa.