Neck 2019, Sylvain Bock (Ardeche, France)

Neck 2019, Sylvain Bock (Ardeche, France)

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Grapes: Grenache
Region: Ardeche, France
Style: Still, Red
Method: Organic 
ABV: 12.5%
Any added sulphites: No
Filtered: No
Size: 75cl

Ripe crimson cherries, bright crunchy cranberries, pink peppercorns. Dry tangy tannins with no sweetness. Silky with a light mouthfeel. Young and juicy wine!

From an early pick of old vines of Grenache planted over volcanic limestone and basalt around the edge of an old volcano. The fruit underwent a full carbonic maceration, resulting in a wine that is easy and delicious, with plenty of black fruits and a pronounced mineral note from those beautiful volcanic soils.

From the picturesque town of Alba-la-Romaine in the Ardèche, Sylvain Bock produces some of our favourite wines in the region. His vineyards encompass a number of soil types, mainly basalt and limestone, and are planted with a wide variety of grapes, producing wines that really got our attention with their purity and grace. Sylvain is strongly committed to biodiversity and organic farming practices, which he sees as key to the wellbeing of the soil and vines and his lands teems with wild flowers and insect life.