Monaco Bianco 2019, Conestabile della Staffa (Umbria, Italy)

Monaco Bianco 2019, Conestabile della Staffa (Umbria, Italy)

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Grapes: Trebbiano Montanaro, Trebbiano Toscana, Trebbiano Giallo
Region: Umbria, Italy 
Style: Orange
ABV: 11.5%
Any added sulphites: No
Filtered: No
Size: 75cl

Made from the three local variants of Trebbiano, this wine is a fantastic combination of zesty and citrusy flavours with notes of apple, pear and a dry oaky finish. Tart and slightly funky with a light acidity.

Grapes go through 8 days skin maceration. Spontaneous fermentation. Aged in cement.

Danilo Marcucci is not a just a winemaker.  He's a visionary, an enabler, a wealth of knowledge and experience gleaned from over 20 years of viticulture and cellar work. Today, Danilo works with roughly 10 small-scale, hyper-natural producers, largely concentrated in Umbria but with extensions to the Dolomites and Rome. These projects and collaborations are intimately tied to one another.  All the producers know each other, taste eachother’s wines, travel and learn together.  It's a rare, nay nonexistent, element of Italian Natural Wine that contributes to the overall betterment of all wines.