Little Bastard 2020, Staffelter Hof (Mosel, Germany)

Little Bastard 2020, Staffelter Hof (Mosel, Germany)

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Grapes: Muscat, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Muller Thurgau 
Region: Mosel, Germany 
Style: Orange 
ABV: 11.5%
Any added sulphites: No
Filtered: No
Size: 75cl 

Funky and fruity on the nose, this wine has a lovely acidity with notes of baked apple, pear and peach paired with a citrus finish. It is light, fresh and tangy but at the same time uniquely complex! 

The different grape varieties are fermented without any intervention, partially with a little pre-fermentation maceration, and, in the case of the Muscat, a two week skin fermentation before pressing. The result was then blended together, and after completing the fermentation, bottled un-filtered and without any sulfur added.

The first mention of the Staffelter Hof estate and house was found in documents dated 862 AD. It has been in the current family since 1805, when they bought it from Napoleon's government. Quite a few of the oldest estates in the region began their journey in a similar fashion. Since then, the winery has been handed down from generation to generation of the same family. It was primarily a bulk wine production until the late 50's when current winemaker Jan Klein's grandfather took over the winemaking. He continued to make classic Rieslings for a few years but in 2010 started to change his thinking towards the future of the winery, and generally the future of the planet. He converted all of the vineyards to organic, and moved to a more minimal style of winemaking, which also included reducing the level of SO2 used (Germany is known for very high levels due to residual sugar and potent acid). The viticulture has been 100% organic since the 2012 vintage, and the estate is now certified as of 2014.