L'Antidote 2019, Domaine des Grottes (Beaujolais, France)

L'Antidote 2019, Domaine des Grottes (Beaujolais, France)

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Grapes: Gamay
ABV: 0%
Production: Organic, biodynamic 
Any added sulphites: No
Filtered: No
Size: 75cl

This sparkling soft drink is made from Gamay grape juice and a blend of 15 herbs, along with apple, ginger, lemon and other botanicals.

Great alternative to wine or helpful in the morning after a night of indulgence!

Romain Des Grottes is an atypical Beaujolais producer, his technique is particularly unique. After experimentation with one parcel removing half the vines and planting wheat in between proved successful in the face of difficult vintages, he applied this to his whole vineyard, effectively planting 4 hectares of vines on an 8 hectare surface. As he says though 'Yield per hectare doesn’t mean anything anymore," he says. "We should be talking about yield per plant.'. All making L'Antidote about as good as non alcoholic drinks get.