Jung & Sexy 2018, Weinhof Haider (Burgenland, Austria)

Jung & Sexy 2018, Weinhof Haider (Burgenland, Austria)

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Grapes: Blauburger/Roesler
Style: Sparkling Rosé
ABV: 10.5%
Production: Biodynamic
Any added sulphites: No
Filtered: No

Now this is seriously bringing sexy back.

A dark and refreshing Pet Nat that will turn anyone into a natty wine fan. On the nose you’ll smell strawberry and candied cherry, YUM. A dry wine that has hints of raspberry and cranberry and a touch of balsamic, which adds sweetness and some crispness to this bubbly personality. And if that doesn’t sound delicious enough it leaves a long and sweet, rich aftertaste.

This baby is best served cold, we recommend to give it an hour in the fridge minimum for it to release its best favours, and for extra umph, let it breathe for 30 minutes.

Produced by Weinhof Haider, his vines grow on light sandy soils, iron containing gravel soils and nutrient rich loamy black earth soils. Biodynamic compost preparations support vine growth in a natural way and thus guarantee his organic vineyards to thrive and everything is done according to the lunar calendar.