Illumi-Nat 2019, Es D'Aqui (Roussillon, France)

Illumi-Nat 2019, Es D'Aqui (Roussillon, France)

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Grapes: Mauzac 
Style: Sparkling, White 
ABV: 10.5%
Method: Organic
Any added sulphites: No
Filtered: No
Size: 75cl

Illuminate your life with Illumi-Nat, she’ll start by dazzling you with lemon, lime and pear aromas, enough to make your mouth drool. Yet she surprises you with an almondy and buttery flavour, then finishes her dance with a creamy but acidic performance.

This wine goes through two key fermentation stages, the second one is restarted in the bottle. A fun pet-nat made by small artisanal wine maker Jean-Louis Pinto, Jean creates all of his wines in a cellar just under his family’s home, where he has access to biodynamic farming and has little interference with the wines, therefore no sulphates, no added yeast or temperature control needed to make this fine wine.

Es D'Aqui's Jean-Louis Pinto worked for years alongside Antony Tortul of La Sorga and like that man has made a name for himself as a micro-negotiant par excellence. Each year he sources organic fruit from friends and goes about making original, vibrant wines that never cease to amaze.