Haggis Wine 2018, Patrick Sullivan (Victoria, Australia)

Haggis Wine 2018, Patrick Sullivan (Victoria, Australia)

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Grapes: Moscato, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Malbec
Style: Orange
ABV: 12.8%
Production: Organic
Any added sulphites: Minimal
Filtered: No
Size: 75cl

Haggis is a wine that doesn't fit any category, no description will ever do it justice, you simply have to take the plunge and find it out for yourself. It's a white, orange, red blend with just about everything Patrick grows thrown into it, tasted, blended, then tasted again, then probably blended some more.

Patrick Sullivan doesn't play by the rules - a blend of Moscato, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Malbec. Wacky, we know - but damn does it taste good. With the appearance of a cloudy apple/rhubarb juice - this delectably moorish tipple has blackcurrants and strawberry on the nose, with a rich mouthfeel and texture - a proper glugger!

After dropping out of his winemaking degree to refocus on a degree in viticulture, majoring in botany, Patrick now produces wines from his jointly-owned organic estate in Gippsland, his farm in Ellinbank, and a range of wines from various Organic and Biodynamic growers. As for a winemaking style, Patrick is totally driven by purity. The wines make themselves and what you end up drinking is pure fruit. The grapes are put into a fermenter, and left to their own devices. They are never added to, worked on or meddled with. Patrick sees any single bit of work or treatment to the wine as detracting from its original state and taking away purity. The result is something that is simply delicious on the surface but even more rewarding when you dig a little deeper. Everything in his approach is entirely sensory, and the wines are always a joy to drink.