Grecorange 2020, Conestabile della Staffa (Umbria, Italy)

Grecorange 2020, Conestabile della Staffa (Umbria, Italy)

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Grapes: Grechetto, Verdello
Style: Orange
ABV: 11%
Any added sulphites: No
Filtered: No
Method: Natural

A lively, thirst-quencher of an orange wine from Danilo Marcucci - the perfect easy-sipping accompaniment for long summer evenings. 

This still orange wine is both light and satisfying at the same time, with notes of lime, almond and herbaceous flavours. A vivid orange in colour, it matches the South London sunsets with which it pairs so perfectly. Two classic Italian grape varieties, one (Verdello) given 20 days skin-contact and the other (Grechetto) no skin-contact at all, are blended together to create this dry but zesty orange wine. Spontaneous fermentation takes place in open vats and the result is then aged in steel tanks.

Former student of architecture and one-time Umbrian wine-seller, Danilo turned to natural winemaking in the early 2000s after discovering first-hand what the chemicals in industrially produced wines can do to the body. A chance tasting of a natural wine made by his parents’ neighbour Vittorio Mattioli began what Danilo describes as a ‘radical change’ in his life and within a week of drinking the amber coloured white he joined Vittorio for what would become the first of many collaborations with the masters of natural winemaking across Italy. More than 12 hectares of vines were in need of some love when Danilo took the reins at Conestabile but by 2015 he was able to release the estate’s first vintage in 60 years, featuring native grapes and natural processes, with no added sulphur – for Danilo, it is Mother Nature who determines the wine.