Garg’N’Go 2018, La Biancara Maule (Veneto, Italy)

Garg’N’Go 2018, La Biancara Maule (Veneto, Italy)

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Grapes: Garganega
Region: Veneto
Style: Sparkling white
ABV: 11%
Any added sulphites: Minimal 
Size: 75cl

Fizzy wizzy, drink too much you might go dizzy! Crisp, nice fine bubbles. Aromas of nuts, white fruit and apricot reminiscent of champagne. A Pet-Nat with funky notes of yeast and pickled apples due to the addition of dried grapes. 

Spontaneously fermented Garganega grapes from vines on hills that are volcanic in origin, that contain dark mineral soils and a hefty amount of fine clay.

Angiolino has created an organic, living soil and ecosystem for benefiting the health of the vines and the resistance to any form of malady. He is unwavering in his belief that great wines are the result of beautiful, healthy, hand picked fruit and the only way to achieve this is through natural processes.