Frei. Körper. Kultur. Weiss 2019, Weingut Schmitt (Rheinhessen, Germany)

Frei. Körper. Kultur. Weiss 2019, Weingut Schmitt (Rheinhessen, Germany)

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Grapes: Scheurebe, Pinot Blanc, Huxelrebe, Pinot Gris, Ortega
Region: Rheinhessen, Germany
Style: White
ABV: 10.5%
Any added sulphites: Minimal
Filtered: No
Size: 1ltr

This is the type of wine you can judge by the label (look close!). Notes of tropical fruit, lemon zest and peach. The skin contact maceration of the Scheurebe, Pinot Blanc and Huxelrebe give the Frei Korper Kultur a wonderful texture, while the direct pressed Pinot Gris offers minerality and a bit of acidity. A blend of Burgundian varieties and some of the unique German crossings developed in the first half of the 20th century. The Scheurebe, Pinot Blanc, and Huxelrebe are given skin contact while the Pinot Gris and Ortega are direct pressed. Farming is certified biodynamic, fermentation is with wild yeasts, and no filtering or fining is done. Very minimal additions of sulfites added at bottling but otherwise nothing else. This is a fun wine, perfect for a 1L format!

Bianka and Daniel Schmitt are two talented young winemakers making biodynamic wine “just from grapes”  in the Rheinhessen region of Germany. The wines are pure and fresh, full of personality and life. Rheinhessen is the largest wine growing region in Germany, and has been largely associated with bulk production. However, in recent years, the region’s reputation has begun to shift as a new generation of younger, more innovative growers are reducing yields and honing in on the largely undervalued terroir of this region. Bianka and Daniel epitomize this new wave of German winemakers, working hard to produce wines of the highest quality with as little intervention as possible. The Weingut Schmitt winery has been in the family for over 200 years and Bianka and Daniel have been working their 16 hectares biodynamically for over a decade.