Force Celeste Pet-Nat 2019, Mother Rock (Swartland, South Africa)

Force Celeste Pet-Nat 2019, Mother Rock (Swartland, South Africa)

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Grapes: Pinotage, Colombard
Region: Swartland
Style: Rose, Pet-Nat
ABV: 11%
Any added sulphites: No
Filtered: No
Size: 750ml

Zippy mouthfeel with notes of grapefruit and berries. 

This is a hazy, dry and raw pet-nat made of a co-fermentation of red and white grapes. Organic grown grapes from a single vineyard in Malmesbury, a blend of 71% Pinotage and 29% Colombard. Both grapes are given skin contact as whole clusters yielding a highly structured rosé. The wine is bottled before a single natural fermentation completes, making this a true pet-nat wine. Finishes ferment to fully dry in the bottle with natural bubbles and no added sulfites. Great notes of raspberry, guava, and sour beer-like yeastiness.

Mother Rock are organic natural wines from the talented South African winemaker J. H. Meyer that showcase the plantings of various heritage grapes of the country. All the grapes are grown from one single vineyard in the Malmesbury region. The vineyard was planted in 1999, all bush vines and dryland farmed. As of 2009 it has been farmed organically. Soils are mostly decomposed granite with Malmesbury shale. Vineyards are planted on south-east facing slopeswith about 1,000 feet elevation and roughly 23 miles to the Atlantic Ocean.