Chin Up 2020, Testalonga Baby Bandito (Swartland, South Africa)

Chin Up 2020, Testalonga Baby Bandito (Swartland, South Africa)

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Grapes: Cinsault
Style: Light Red
ABV: 10%
Production: Organic
Any added sulphites: Minimal
Filtered: No 

Light as a feather, this wine is a smooth operator. Dashes of delicate floral perfume are interspersed amongst bursts of tart cherry and cranberry. The sort of wine you could drink all day long (that's on you, though).

The grapes are hand harvested and destemmed into open 2000L fermenters. They are then fermented on the skins for 6 days before being pressed off into a 3300L old oak Foudre. No yeast or additives are included, apart from a small amount of SO2 shortly before bottling.

Testalonga Winery was set up by Craig and Carla Hawkins in the year 2008 with the sole aim to make wines from natural grapes without using any additives. In 2015, they took the first step to progress when they purchased the Bandits Kloof vineyard located in the northern mountains of Swartland. Rich in slate soils, this was the place that the Hawkins chose when they planted their first vineyard in 2018. The Hawkins chose Mediterranean Grapes as their focus and wanted to make wines as naturally as possible from these fruit.