1er Jus 2020, Fond Cyprès (Languedoc, France)

1er Jus 2020, Fond Cyprès (Languedoc, France)

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Grapes: Carignan, Grenache
Style: Red
ABV: 12.5%
Any added sulphites: No
Filtered: No
Method: Organic

This enigmatic blend of Carignan and Grenache is the perfect antidote to the summertime humidity - a refreshing plunge into a cold spring! The rest of the year, however, it’s like one of those crisp days that appears out of the blue to calm and rejuvenate you in one fell swoop.  Pale ruby in colour, light and dry in style from the Languedoc. Fun to chill and then allow to warm up as you enjoy its violet and blackberry character. Perhaps best as an apero rather than with supper, this wine has low tannins and bursts with fruity flavours.

Carignan grapes were infused for two days in directly-pressed Grenache juice, then aged for 6 months in old barrels for an exquisite blend that's described as “neither red nor rosé” by Laetitia. A trend that's becoming somewhat fashionable of late, producing a light and fresher expression for easy drinking.  Vines grown in calcareous soil and blue marl, with winds being just as important - the “vent Cers” from the northwest brings cold, dry weather as a counterpoint to the warm, humid air to the east, the Mediterranean “vent Marin”. 

Laetitia & Rodolphe founded their winery in the early 2000s and, with their 15 hectares plot in Northern Corbieres, began honing their craft. With help and inspiration along the way from none other than Frederic Cossard, they began changing their practices to work as naturally as possible becoming certified organic in 2006. The winery boasts a soulful line up of Carignan, Grenache, Syrah, Muscat, Viognier & Cinsault, along with blends of the likes.