12 Volts 2018, 4Kilos (Mallorca, Spain)

12 Volts 2018, 4Kilos (Mallorca, Spain)

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Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Callet, Fogoneu, Syrah, Merlot
Style: Red
ABV: 13%
Production: Organic
Any added sulphites: Minimal 
Filtered: No

Remember the Stay Puft marshmallow man from Ghostbusters? He was full bodied, smooth, and punchy, just like this wine!

12 Volts 2018 is a smooth red wine, ready to drink from release, with aromas of ripe red fruit entwined with aromatic Mediterranean plants and a wet soil background. On the palate it is complex, flavoursome and balanced. The fruity flavour and balsamic notes stand out, and it ends with spicy pepper and a touch of leather giving it a jolt of energy. 4Kilos set out to make organic wine from the best of local grape varieties in a modern style and have done just that!  Once harvested, the heady mix of grapes is fermented in stainless still. Ageing of the wine lasts 9 months, initially in fouders and later in French oak barrels.

In August of 2006, Francesc Grimalt and Sergio Caballero set up 4Kilos Wines in Mallorca, a company dedicated to producing wines that reflect the strength of the grape and its nuances but with a different approach and different presentation. The vineyards are located in different parts of the north and south of Mallorca, the reason for which being that they do not belong to any particular D.O. The strains are planted mostly in soils Cal Vermell a popular name to describe the Franco clay soil. The varieties that are grown are Callet, Cabernet, Sauvignon, French Fogoneu, Merlot, Monastrell and Shyra.